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Rock of Ages

The classic award-winning musical.


A thrilling musical filled with youth and creativity.

Blue Man Group

Filled with humour that takes you back to your childhood.


Robert A. Godinez

The best experience I have had in years. What a great way to enjoy the evening.

Katherine M. Villegas

I have been watching off-broadway shows for a long time, and I have never been disappointed with the talent everyone has.

Paul J. Li

I came to broadwayespecially to watch the Blue Man Group, and they are as hilarious as I had heard about them before.

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How Costumes are Made for Broadway

Having a sewing machine allows you to handle a wide range of sewing projects, including making different types of costumes. Broadway has a lot of talent that makes the shows great, but the costumes also play a major role in how the shows turn out. The color choices, the textures, and patterns are all selected carefully to ensure they blend in with the respective shows. The shapes of the costumes also add an appeal to the entire set and help the talented actors become part of the characters they are playing to make the shoes more real.


The meeting

Before anything is taken to the sewing machine, the designers have to meet with the scriptwriters. And the directors to discuss the costume choices. After they agree, the costume designer will embark on research to ensure that the costume reflects the play’s mood. The designs will then be sketched, but this process differs depending on the type of play. Some tend to be more exaggerated while others are simple enough, but they still reflect the role of all the characters, focusing on the lead character.



Concept production

As a costume designer, you can have all the freedom to go wild with the concept of production after you have gotten an idea of what the costume should look like. Determine whether you want a modern concept or a traditional one. You could also make a combination of designs and styles to come up with a unique pallet but still blend with the role of the actors. The detailing of her costumes can add a great visual appeal, but they shouldn’t interfere with the costume’s functionality. Remember to factor in the audience as well. The audience should resonate with the costume, in that they should find it flowing. A costume with too many details at the top and plain at the bottom isn’t flowing very well.



After the costume has been planned, it will be hand sewn and also sewn with a sewing machine. The fragile parts are usually hand sewn, but the rest can be placed on the machine. Beading and other accessories are usually added manually. The actors and their understudies with swings will do a fitting. After which the costumes will be made in duplicates. The sewing process is the most extensive since it can take up to 6 fittings for every actor.

Broadway costumes can also be made for transformation purposes. They can be engineered to change the actors’ appearance, in which case you’ll need to be very innovative and inventive to make the kind of costume that suits the roles.


Last Thoughts

Whatever type of Broadway costume you’re working on, it’s always good to attach a unique feature that shows your personality. It would help if you also worked closely with the other people involved in the play, such as the directors, scriptwriters, and the actors to ensure you create something that works for the show. Remember that sometimes less is more, and you won’t have to add a lot of detailing to the costumes to make them appealing.