Green Eyed Monster

During the run of a play, or after it closes, the cast members like to celebrate casually and send one another off to new ventures. We can go to the park or a restaurant, but since someone has a backyard inflatable pool, we chose this option. The weather is nice and a barbecue is fabulous. We can sit around and talk, sip wine or beer, and gab about our next auditions. Fortunately, there always are some on the calendar. This time we have a beautiful apartment to visit, much better than my crappy cramped home. My fellow cast member collects art and there are many fine local paintings and a small sculpture or two. I take a tour of the place while the food is being prepared. Then we all go outside to enjoy the pool. An inflatable pool for adults like these can be very nice and accommodate quite a few people. It is not one of those minuscule kiddie pools. It is a great alternative to an in-ground pool and is easier to keep up. I am so jealous that he lives so well, not like normal would-be Broadway stars.

The yard is spacious and the pool is the focal point in dead center. There are comfortable chairs and chaises lounges scattered about accompanied by small glass tables. The barbecue is under the patio where more chairs are arranged. My friend can invite the entire cast and crew. There is also an adjacent lawn if you want to stretch out on a towel on the ground. It all makes for a terrific lazy day. After working hard day and night to perfect our acting, we deserve a respite like this. If I had the party, it would occupy only a couple of square feet. Ha! That is not an option. This is a great space and makes you feel like at last you are enjoying summer.

After a few beers, some cast members started jumping in and out of the pool. They splashed about like kids tossing a rubber beach ball. Now is the time to act up and release all the tensions of performance night after night. The water is nice and warm given that there is a heating system. It is clear and clean as a whistle. Some kind of debris and leaf eating robot is floating about. I feel good about getting my feet wet. I sit at the edge of the pool and wait for my moment. The sun is beating down my back and I start to feel overheated. I slip right into the water and join the group frolicking about. Soon we are all playing a mock volleyball game with no net. It is great fun. We hate to end the camaraderie but it is time for dinner. Smoke is pouring from the barbecue and our stomachs are growling. We exit the pool and head for the patio, grabbing paper plates along the way. The smell of grilled food is divine. It is a great day.