Skye Anderson Gets a Leading Role in an Off-Broadway Production

I just love, love, love Off-Broadway! Can you guess why? Yes, it’s true, I have a part in an upcoming show there! The show is called 1001 Nights – A love story about loving stories. This production is a re-interpretation of the story of Shahrazad from the Arabian Nights. I’m performing with the ensemble cast as a dancer and singer.

I’m so happy that being in my twenties I can dance just about anything and I’ve been fitting in some sessions with a voice coach, so my sung audition went really well! It’s great to be employed and earning a salary too – I’m so happy right now! 1001 Nights is a spectacular show!

Off-Broadway is a really cool theater district with smaller and more intimate theaters than the ones on Broadway. You can see some great one-man shows and special production with short runs on Off-Broadway. Tickets are less expensive too. There is no lack of prestige performing in an Off-Broadway show. It’s seen as trendsetting and an intelligent choice to perform there or see a show there.

The Atlantic Theatre Company is a not-for-profit theater company, with a great history of award winning shows that have been performed there. Shows such as Spring Awakening, a Tony Award winner, and David Mamet’s Romance have had long-running seasons at the Atlantic Theatre Company’s premises at 336 West 20th Street in Manhattan. There is also an acting school on the premises and I would love to go to some classes there.

It’s fantastic to perform in an Off-Broadway venue. The theater sizes are smaller and you can interact with the audience more than you can with a traditional Broadway show. This intimacy and informality are seen as the true hallmarks of an Off-Broadway production. Shows that run Off-Broadway attract a crowd of highly creative people, as Off-Broadway is seen as a theater district that lives on innovation and inspiration. It’s exciting to be here and to experience the lively, switched on atmosphere of Off-Broadway.

I believe that it was my vivacious nature that got me this part. I’ve always been a bubbly person; I don’t let things get me down. When I was rehearsing for my audition, I practiced some provocative belly-dance moves and I wove in lots of flirtatious eye contact. That way I could flick some cheeky smiles at the producers of the show and I was able to use my eyes very expressively as well.

It’s fantastic to be in a show; in a way, it’s like a working vacation because I don’t have to look for work while the show is running. I have some ideas about what I would like to do next. I’d like to see find out about upcoming productions on Off-Broadway and maybe even Off-Off-Broadway, but I’ll always keep a show on The Great White Way in mind.

I’ve heard that they’ll be sending out casting calls for productions of Miss Saigon and Anastasia, the Musical very, very soon. I believe that 2017 will be an exciting year and because I’m feeling confident, I’ll be cast again in a fantastic Broadway production!